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What To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling, below are a few key aspects to keep in mind as you design your dream kitchen.  Our staff has plenty of kitchen cabinet ideas to meet every different kitchen size and shape.


1. Functionality

As soon as you begin to imagine how you’d like your new kitchen to look, be sure to keep in mind how functional the new layout will be. Think about how you can rearrange and redesign the current space in a way that still works with your daily needs. The distance in between fixtures and cabinetry can help facilitate a flow between the areas you visit most often. If you can, try and arrange the fridge, sink and main table or dining table with an equal distance in between to reduce the amount of unused area in a functional triangle shape.


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2. Lighting


Customize the lighting in your kitchen to fit all of your needs. It is important to have a variety of overhead and direct lighting options to help illuminate the room and provide a spotlight on cooking areas. If you are looking for new areas for light, consider installing lighting fixtures underneath your cabinets to help ensure your countertops are well lit. Having separate switches can also be useful to allow you to control the ambiance of light in your kitchen and conserve energy.


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3. Countertops and Cabinets


When you are redesigning your kitchen, take the opportunity to pick out kitchen countertops and cabinets that are not only functional, but reflect your personal style as well. Pick a durable countertop that is at least 24 to 25 inches deep with a small overhang and wood or wood veneer cabinetry that will last. Customize your cabinets to fit all of your storage needs with a mixture of drawers and shelving fixtures. Try and conceptualize what you have in your kitchen, and configure the layout to accommodate your appliances, tableware and required food storage areas.


Kitchen Renovation

MR Kitchens has been serving the Ottawa area for over 25 years, let our team guide you through the kitchen design and renovation process. Call, email or drop by one of our conveniently located showrooms to chat with a kitchen designer.


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