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Ottawa Kitchen Contractor Tips

Below are some tips for when you are ready to design your new kitchen, from an experienced Ottawa Kitchen Contractor

Ottawa Kitchen ContractorSince we spend so much time in our kitchen it’s important we enjoy the space.  If you are ready for a new kitchen, MR Kitchens would be proud to be your Ottawa kitchen contractor.

There are many things to think about when designing your new kitchen, but it all starts with how do you use your kitchen now, and how do you want to use it in the future?

Do you prepare a lot of your own meals?  While we all know a home cooked meal is not only delicious but usually healthier than restaurant food, but not everyone has time, or the desire to cook.

Do you entertain a lot?  Even casual entertaining usually ends up with groups of people gathered around the kitchen.  Is your kitchen spacious?  Easy to move around in?  Or are you constantly dodging people or things like the garbage cans to get things done in the kitchen?

Planning your new kitchen design.

  1. Counter Space

    Cluttered counters are messy and usually annoying as you spend more time moving things out of the way than actually using the counter space.  Does your counter space need to be increased in your new kitchen remodel or do you simply need to find a better space for some of the items that are crowding it?

  2. Kitchen Island

    Do you have a kitchen island in your current kitchen?  Do you like it or does it just break up your flow?  When the kitchen island trend started it seemed like everyone wanted one.  But not all kitchens need or suit one.  A kitchen island can be very handy for the extra counter space, and also for less used conveniences like a wine fridge or those rarely used utensils.  But if you don’t need the extra space, why clutter your kitchen with it?

  3. Proper Kitchen Ventilation

    Ventilation is important in a kitchen.  Between cooking odors and being so often filled with people, air flow makes a big difference in the atmosphere and temperature.  If you never seem to be able to get rid of that frying onion smell maybe you need to incorporate a new range hood in your new Ottawa kitchen design.

  4. Better Kitchen Lighting

    Kitchen lighting is key to how much you enjoy your time in the kitchen.  It’s important that you can see well when you are cooking, but you also don’t want exhausting glaring lights.  Whether you are preparing a meal, or enjoying cocktails with friends, having different levels of lighting is key.  Don’t forget to evaluate your kitchen lighting when you are planning out your new kitchen.

A kitchen that’s more spacious, uncluttered and well lit will invite people into it.  Whether you’re making cookies with the family or chatting over a cup of coffee, your kitchen will be a place for people to connect.

Once you’ve decided a kitchen renovation is in your near future, please contact or visit one of the MR Kitchens showrooms.  We will be happy to go over what you are looking for, your budget, and your current space.  Together we will come up with a new kitchen you will LOVE, it’s the MR Kitchens kitchen renovation goal!


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