Make waste organized in your kitchen! border=


Make waste organized in your kitchen!


Are you tired of running between your kitchen and garage to dump waste? The majority of households have their recycle bin sitting in the garage due to smelly bean cans and empty cartons of milk.


Here’s the solution: Recycle center installed in base cabinet in your kitchen at a moderate cost for an amazing, effective, multi functional way to improve waste separation.  Recycling is becoming a virtue to earth life. This system can be added in your corners cabinets functioning as a merry-go-round OR in a regular base cabinet as a pull out. You can always add a top or bottom drawer to that cabinet in purpose of a waste bag and accessory storage. The width of the cabinet is usually adjustable to the size and number of bins you desire depending on the working space.


Done with stinky garbage under the sink and hello to organized easy garbage day!  Goodbye to cans lying around the sink to fast drop into the bag that will save the earth.  Be organized, quick, easy and green.



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