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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Does it sometimes it feel like you will never have enough space in your kitchen for all of the storage that you need?  Don’t fret; there are ways to make the most of the space you have and create more kitchen storage.  If you are not ready for a full kitchen remodel, no matter whether you live in a smaller apartment or larger house, below are 10 easy tips to maximize the storage in your kitchen.

1. Store your items vertically by using pegboards or shelving mounted on the wall.  This is a great way to keep your kitchen utensils handy or a fun way to hang those bulky pots and pans while freeing up a cupboard for some other type of kitchen storage.Kitchen pegboard for pots

2. Transform the inside of your cabinet doors into a hanging rack by installing a pegboard or rack to store smaller or sleeker items.

3. Transform the over the sink space, be it a window ledge or shelf, into an extra area to hold towels, sponges and soap so they are reachable while you are doing the dishes.

4. Small tension rods can add cabinetry and shelving to a wall where it may not exist. Arrange these rods horizontally to place items in an organized way and to free up counter space.

5. Install magnets in either a strip or around the kitchen to keep handy lists or pens off the counter and in a place.  This is also a stylish way to display your knives or to take utensils out of the drawer and on display. Magnetic strips in the kitchen

6. Use the space under and in between cabinets for visible storage.  Turn smaller shelves and hooks into a display by arranging them in this area.  This is the perfect spot for a small spice shelf or to keep frequently used kitchen tools.

7. Display your storage around your kitchen in decorations like baskets or jars that are functional but look great as well and can fit your larger items stylishly on the counter.

8. Don’t be afraid to be creative with how you store the items in your kitchen.  From Lazy Susan’s for the clumsy corner cabinet to hanging baskets; invent new areas and ways to keep all the items organized within the space you have.Kitchen storage

9. Think about how you are going to store each item in drawers based on height, dimension and the quantities of items.  Arrange the drawer so that everything is organized, yet visible, to access blows, medium height appliances and pots.

10. Pick up stacking or step shelves to use within a kitchen cabinet to help store items in layers.  These are great to provide easier and more organized access to glassware, spices or even snacks that may not reach the full height of the cupboard.

The designers at MR Kitchens are trained and experienced in the most up to date ways to redesign your space, creating tons of kitchen storage.

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