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Establishing A Kitchen Renovation Budget


You’ve decided a kitchen renovation is needed, but are not quite sure what is a realistic kitchen renovation budget.  You have been checking out renovation websites, remodeling magazines and know exactly what look you want.  Now it’s time to crunch the number.  What is most important in your new kitchen?

Improvement on investment vs. Comfort

Are you considering a kitchen remodel to better suit your needs and to update your kitchen?  Or are you looking at a future sale and realize that an updated kitchen goes a long way to getting top price for your home?  If the return on investment is your primary concern, your budget should lean more to quality and durability, and less to “extras” such as super fancy taps.  If you have simply outgrown your current kitchen, take all future family plans into consideration.  Planning on having children or are your young children growing?  Computer nooks, desk style work space is something to consider, helps keep a family together and still get plenty accomplished.  Is entertaining something you enjoy?  Keep that in mind when planning your kitchen layout.

Priority vs. Luxury

Once you have a budget, divide what you want in your kitchen into lists.  Have a must, a should and a hope for list.  Then visit an Ottawa kitchen contractor and sit down with a designer.  A designer can quickly go over your list and give you up to date numbers.  This will begin to clarify your new kitchen.

Keeping track of your spending

Once you begin the renovation process, keep track of all the spending and expenses.  There will always be unexpected expenses, so keeping track of everything will help you maintain control of the bottom line.

Avoiding the extras

As you start to put the finishing touches on your kitchen renovation, don’t be swayed by the latest pretty bauble.  You have put time, money and energy into your new kitchen, you have a vision in your mind.  Going off that vision will not only cost you extra money, it may cause extra problems and end up with a disappointing looking final result.

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