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Kitchen Cabinet Solutions

One of the easiest ways to renovate or refresh the look of your kitchen is to change or update your cabinetry. When it comes to choosing the cabinetry in your kitchen, plan the layout to make the most efficient use of the space by creating a storage system that works for your needs.

Gone are the days of just plain cabinetry, today people want to incorporate everything from built in wine racks to hidden smart device charging corners into their kitchen cabinetry layouts. Most modern kitchens also mix plain doors with open shelving and glass doors for a more decorative look.



As you consider what you will be keeping in your cabinet, pick the right shelving system will support the weight and accommodate the size of the items that you will be storing. Here are a few easy solutions to make the most of the cabinets in your kitchen.

Lazy susans, pull out shelves and racks are popular, especially in hard to reach spots like the corners. There are many different ideas and styles available for every shape and size of cabinet. Drawers are also available with many built ins today, getting rid of the clumsy baskets and mixed up piles of miscellaneous kitchen tools.


2 layered cutlery drawer          Swivelling kitchen cabinet built ins

Just some great options are sets of swivelling trays, a shelving option that rotates in a circle to give you full access to the cabinet. These swivelling shelves are a perfect storage solution for plates and other glassware items.


hinged door kitchen cabinet shelving          hinged door kitchen cabinet wire shelving

Shelving units are also available with hinged door applications, sliding basket systems and other sliding mechanism that allow you to make full use of the space. Shelving systems such as these are a good way to organize pots and pans as well as a functional way to covert the shelves into a pantry for cans and other dry goods.

The corner unit is an ideal location to install recycling and garbage storage areas. These corner store bins are best for a higher cabinet area that fits your recycling system.


Corner kitchen Cabinet recycling containers          Corner cabinet recycling

The MR Kitchens team is trained and experienced at helping you pick the best cabinetry and built ins that meet your home’s needs, call or come see us today!


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