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In December of 2015 we were contacted by Mountain Road Productions and invited to participate in an episode of the TV show I WRECKED MY HOUSE! which airs on HGTV Canada.


The premise of the show is to choose homeowners that have tried to upgrade their home, but somewhere along the line things go very wrong and they end up “wrecking their house”.  Needless to say, we were thrilled to be helping a wonderful family in Kanata get their house back in order and at the same time, dip our toes into the exciting waters of television.


We had a blast building this kitchen and our crew even made a few appearances in the show.  Check out our gallery of the ‘Before’, ‘During’, and ‘After’ of this exciting project.  The end result was stunning and the homeowners were speechless!


If you have “wrecked your house”, give us a call, 613.225.555, or fill out the form and a staff member will contact you.  The MR Kitchens team can help you too!


Check out the slideshow of pictures below or catch up on the full episode here!


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