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How do I begin my kitchen or bath project?

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with one of our designers. At the initial meeting, we will discuss how you cook and live in the kitchen space and your priorities for your new kitchen. This is the time to share all your ideas, wish lists and pictures. With the continual improvement in materials, appliances and design options, the kitchen planning process would be overwhelming without the help of a professional.

Why is a MR Kitchens Designer important to me?

The kitchen is one of the most complex room in your home. It also is the most expensive room investment that you will make in your home. Designing a kitchen, making it work as well as it looks, requires specialized skills. MR Kitchens Designers are trained to assure that your kitchen will function well with the proper clearances, and that all aspects of your kitchen are safely designed and technically correct. Working with a Kitchen Designer assures that your kitchen is well planned and functional.

Is there a charge for the Design service?

We gladly provide a design consultation and estimate at no charge! Following that step, the designer will come to your house to take initial measurements and create a preliminary layout based on the cabinet line and countertops you selected. Layouts, floor plans, and other detailed documents remain the property of MR Kitchens until the design is approve by the client and the contract is signed.

Who will install my cabinets and countertops?

At MR Kitchens, a "turn key" renovation experience is available. We can coordinate every aspect of your new kitchen. Our years of experience working with Olistin Homes and Renovations, assures you a professionally installed kitchen.

Once the contract is signed, when can I expect to receive my cabinets?

Our time frame to make, deliver and install your cabinets is 6 weeks. You will receive a phone call from our well organized service department to schedule an installation date at your convenience.

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