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Granite countertops have been all the rage in the last few years but a new option is becoming more and more popular. Right off the bat I will warn you, it is more expensive than granite but the upside of the durability more than makes up for the cost.  Quartz countertops are becoming the new “go to” countertop.

If you are renovating your kitchen in your home to prepare for selling it, or if you only plan to stay in your home for another few years, then a Quartz countertop might not be for you. We go through many steps in our lives, our families grow, and our families shrink, but either way the place we now call home might not be right in a few short years.

There are many great points for both granite and quartz, but just a few things to note is that quartz is made from a very hard mineral, making it extremely durable. Quartz is also manufactured so the color options are endless! It used to be that quartz was only available in a polished finish, and the countertops did not have the personality of the granite, but that has changed. A quartz countertop can even look exactly like granite, if that is what you want!

As with most countertops, working with a professional installer is the best way to go. While it is satisfying to do projects on our own, the sheer weight makes the countertops difficult to handle, and any special cuts will be taken care of by the professional. If you measure wrong, you are stuck with it, but if the installer is wrong, it’s all on them!

Either granite or quartz will finish your new kitchen off beautifully, but for more durability and colour customization, take a good look at quartz.

For more detailed information about quartz countertops, check out this article on the This Old House site, all the details you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

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