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Top 3 Renovations With the Biggest ROI to Makeover Your Home


Are you getting the spring cleaning itch yet?  It happens around this time of year, when you are stuck inside waiting for the frigid air outside to warm.  Unfortunately you have a couple more months of the cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend it all just waiting.  Boredom is undoubtedly one of the reasons you are looking forward to spring cleaning, but why not take it a step further and renovate a part of your home?  Late winter and early spring are popular times to consider home renovations.  Many people who do renovate during this time find that their time is well spent.  To help you decide on which renovation project to take on this spring below are the most popular springtime renovations with the biggest return on investment potential.

KitchOttawa kitchen renovationsen Renovations

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the most important room when it comes to home evaluation.  While some sites claim that kitchen renovations only bring in 70-80% ROI this is in fact just the worst-case scenario according to professional kitchen designers.  The truth is kitchen renovations have the potential to be the most lucrative, and enjoyable, investment you can make.  You just need to know how to stretch your budget and not over invest.  Kitchen designers recommend using no more than 7% of the value of your house to renovate your kitchen for maximum ROI.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms come in as second most important when it comes to evaluating your home.  That’s the main reason why they are second on this list.  The other reason is that bathrooms tend to see a higher ROI is that they cost less to renovate than other rooms.  Bathrooms easily make a ROI of 75 – 100% when you go to sell your house.

New Flooring

Flooring used to be a challenging do-it-yourself renovation.  But with an ever-increasing number of easy-install products this may just be the winter project for you.  Renovating the flooring in your house can dramatically change the look and feel of every room in your home without having to actually renovate every room.  If you have carpets, installing hardwood floors will generally see a ROI of 1 – 1.5 times the cost.

Remember that these ROI numbers might be different if you intend to continue living in your home for many years.  Spending more will be worth the investment as the results will be durable and hopefully not need a redo later.




Is A Professional Kitchen Designer Worth Hiring?


So you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen and are now deciding whether it is worth it to hire a professional kitchen designer to help.  Another equally likely scenario is you are partway through your kitchen renovation and have come to a roadblock and don’t know how to proceed.  In either case, no matter what point you are at in your kitchen renovation, a professional kitchen designer offers many benefits with very few drawbacks.

Benefits of hiring a professional kitchen designer

First, professional kitchen designers have extensive knowledge and experience designing and successfully finishing kitchen renovations.  They can answer any question you have, will help incorporate your ideas into a stylish kitchen design and keep track of your budget.  Most kitchen designers also have a team of workers to get the job done. This relieves a lot of potential stress immediately.

Second, because they have all these things the process of designing and renovating your new kitchen will be faster than if you decided to put it together yourself.  From the kitchen design stage to the renovating stage everything will be more streamlined and there will be fewer hiccups.

One of the most important things is you will also save money hiring a professional kitchen designer.  They will know common money traps and how to avoid them.  They will help maintain your budget, and because they are knowledgeable of construction, they will design your kitchen so that you will not have to go back in the future to fix something that either broke or wasn’t made to standard.  In the long run they will save you more money than they cost.

How to make the most of your kitchen designer

There are a few things you can do before meeting you’re your kitchen designer to help them design your kitchen.

  1. Measure your kitchen area so that the kitchen designer knows how much space they have to work with.
  2. Bring 3 lists: one of things you need, one of things you want and one of things you don’t want.
  3. Find images online or in magazines of kitchens you like.

Professional kitchen designer

With these things prepared your kitchen designer will ensure they get the most out of your kitchen.  They will also ensure that you have everything you need (and things you want) in it.  Be prepared to make many decisions with your kitchen designer, including trade-offs and compromises. But in the end your dream kitchen awaits!

The team at either of the 3 MR Kitchens Ottawa area showrooms; Vars, Orleans or Ottawa, will be happy to assist you with your kitchen renovation.




The Triangle Kitchen Design


Kitchen design and renovation is tough. If you haven’t done it before it can feel like you’ve been thrown into the middle of the ocean. And with all the influx of information it can be hard to pick out what pieces are truly important. If you’ve browsed kitchen design websites you’ve probably come across a few articles that mention the triangle kitchen design.

What is the triangle kitchen design?

No, there is no relation to the Bermuda triangle no matter how crazy cooking gets. In fact this kitchen design principle is meant to make cooking easier, faster and logical.

It first takes the three main functions of kitchens: food storage, food prep and cleanup and cooking then situates the objects these functions occur in (fridge, sink and stove) so that if you draw an imaginary line between them you form a triangle.

Ottawa kitchen designThere are of course a few stipulations and a couple sweet spots.

  1. The whole triangle should be between 13 and 26 feet.
  2. It should not be in a heavy traffic flow area.
  3. Nothing should be located in the triangle, like a kitchen island or kitchen cabinets.
  4. Each side in the triangle should be between 4 and 9 feet long.


Breaking the Triangle: Other Things To Consider

The triangle kitchen design works best in one-cook environments where there are three different countertop areas to work with. As a result, galley style kitchens are harder to fit the triangle design into your kitchen renovation. Also if you frequently cook with other people your kitchen design will have to be more complex and thought out to make sure no one is bumping into each other. These are two areas where hiring a professional kitchen designer will help immensely.

Ultimately renovating your kitchen has to work for you. Thinking first about what works for you right now in your kitchen and what tasks you find long, frustrating or tedious will help direct your kitchen designer and yourself in your kitchen renovation.




Determining Your Kitchen Cabinet Budget


Do You Know How Much Your Kitchen Cabinet Budget Should Be?

What do you get when you pay top dollar for new kitchen cabinets?  Despite their importance in your new kitchen it may feel hard to allocate the recommended 40 percent of your kitchen design budget to cabinets.  Any kitchen design company would love to tell you “Yes, spend 40 percent!”  But of course the reality is that does not work for everyone.Chippett after(8)

It is important to keep in mind that cabinets are for more than just looks in your kitchen.  You use kitchen cabinets everyday and paying a little closer to that 40 percent can benefit you in the long run.  Still, since there are many parts in your kitchen that need remodeling, it can be hard to find the right balance between quality and budget.

Before contacting a professional designer or kitchen cabinet maker it is important to have your budget in place.  This guide will help you choose the right cabinet budget that fits in your overall kitchen design budget and direct you to the options within reach.

Revitalizing old cabinets

refinishing old cabinets is sometimes an option, especially if your kitchen remodel consists of other major work just as custom appliance and wall removals / rebuilding?  If they are structurally sound, if they are sturdy and square it is possible to professionally have them degreased, sanded down and painted for as little as $50 per door or completely refaced for $150 per kitchen cabinet

Budget Cabinets

Cost: $70 per foot and up.

These kitchen cabinets are often the ones you find off-the-shelf at your local hardware store.  Some come assembled while others require someone who knows their stuff.  So if you decide to buy off the shelf you may end up hiring a professional to come install them.  Make sure you include that in your budget.  A good reason to choose budget cabinets might be if you are just trying to “dress up” your kitchen for home resale or rent.

Pros:  Even if you decide to have them professionally installed they can be a budget option.

Cons:  Hard to find quality budget cabinets.  Fewer style and feature options and a generic look.

Mid-Level Cabinets

Cost: $150 per foot and up.

Offering more custom options these are a good choice for many kitchen design budgets due to their balance of custom options and lower price point.

Pros:  More custom options available to fit many kitchen design budgets.  Easier to find quality cabinets with special trims and styles.

Cons:  Quality can still vary.  Buyer must make sure to inspect the cabinets for quality.  No real “wow” factor.

Premium Cabinets

Cost: $500 per foot and up.

Otherwise known as semi-custom cabinets these models offer the most in style and storage.

Pros: Very versatile in styles and can fit nearly any kitchen space because they often come in ¼ inch increments.

Cons: Can cost as much as full custom kitchen cabinets depending on model, without the custom made service.

Calculating your Kitchen Cabinet Budget

Great, so now that you have an idea of the different levels and price points of kitchen cabinets, how do you choose one that fits your budget?  Earlier it was mentioned that kitchen design budgets sometimes set aside as much as 40 percent of the total budget towards kitchen cabinets but is this necessary?  The answer, of course, is it depends on why you are re-doing your cabinets.

Extra Budget Considerations


A big factor you will have to take into account when deciding on your kitchen design budget is the amount of cabinet space you have to renovate.  A simple way to determine what type of cabinets you can afford is to take up to 40 percent of your total kitchen design budget and divide it by the feet of cabinet space your kitchen has.  If you have a small kitchen with less cabinet space, why not splurge on top of the line?

Extra Features

Not included in this simple equation are any add-ons you might like to purchase such as pullout trash cans, spring shelves, LED lighting, “soft close” drawer stoppers and dish racks.  So if any of these are on your radar remember to have a margin of up to 20 percent set aside for these.

What’s your Budget?

At this point you may have an idea of what your kitchen cabinet budget looks like but lets take a quick peek at a simple example.  Say you have $10 thousand as your total kitchen design budget.  40 percent of that, $4 thousand, is your potential kitchen cabinet budget. Say there is 25 feet of cabinet space you have to cover and that means you have $160 per foot.  This means you have quite a few options, you can afford up to mid-level cabinets including a couple of the nice extras you might want.

Now that you have the tools and knowledge to budget for your kitchen cabinets it’s time to start looking at the quality designers that meet your needs.  Results speak for themselves, feel free to take a look at our happy kitchen remodel customers.




Kitchen Design Tips


It’s time to update your kitchen and you have a lot to consider.  Since the majority of your day-to-day activities often occur within your kitchen it is important that you enjoy the space.  One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is trying to do the kitchen remodel themselves, without consulting professionals.  Be sure to call the experts first to help you save money by figuring out the most efficient ways to design a renovation plan that fits your needs as well as your budget.  To help you create the best space you can, here are our kitchen design tips on things to keep in mind when remodeling to help you to create a functional kitchen.

    1. #1 in on the kitchen design tips list is to consider the kitchen triangle as the most important part of layout of this room. The distance from the sink to the refrigerator to the stove should be no less than 10 feet or greater than 25 feet, unobstructed and surrounded by countertop space.  If you are considering re-arranging your kitchen, consult a plumber to see if it is possible to rework the plumbing.kitchen design tips


    1. Evaluate the items that you will be storing in your kitchen to include storage for smaller items such as specialty kitchen items, as well as larger appliances like countertop grills and food processors. This will help to minimize the amount of wasted space within your kitchen and maximize extended storage areas above and below the countertops.


    1. If your kitchen is lacking in counter space, install an island or breakfast bar to extend your cooking surfaces and storage areas. But be careful, choosing an island that is too large or placing it in the wrong spot can disrupt the flow of your kitchen.


    1. Upgrading the lightening in your kitchen can help improve the atmosphere in the kitchen. Accent lighting or task lighting above commonly used work areas is a way to not only increase safety in the kitchen but illuminate appliances.


    1. Invest in an updated range hood to help circulate air (and food smells) and to help keep your kitchen cleaner. Today’s range hoods come in a variety of styles and colors, making them an attractive accessory in your kitchen.


    1. Be sure to upgrade your backsplash to materials such as tile, metal or plastic, as it is easier to clean and more durable than paint or wallpaper.


    1. Think about where your trash and recycling will go and consider installing sorting bins within your kitchen design.Shannon After (5)


    1. Avoid following the latest trends that will leave your kitchen looking dated in a few years. While modern appliances are a good choice, trendy colours can leave your kitchen looking much older than it is.


Using these tips is a good start to your kitchen remodel, but nothing beats speaking to a professional kitchen designer.  Don’t hesitate to contact the MR Kitchens crew, we will be happy to set up a time to sit down with you and help you design your dream kitchen.




5 Kitchen Remodel Signs


5 Signs It’s Time For A Kitchen Remodel!

Do you think it’s time to remodel your kitchen? If you are unsure if it’s you need a kitchen remodel, we have created a quick checklist to help you determine if your kitchen is in need of an upgrade.

1) Outdated layout – Kitchens built before 1980 were designed to accommodate only Kitchen Remodeling Ottawaone cook and are separate from the dining area. However, modern kitchens are now created to be large enough to accommodate more than one cook and have the dining area as an extension from the kitchen itself that can be used for both formal and informal dining.

2) Old appliances – Be sure to update all of the appliances in your kitchen to feature the latest gadgets that you would use. Modern day appliances are often more energy efficient and have a wider range of advanced functions including microchips to create smart appliances. New features that you should look out for are Energy Star qualified refrigerators, microwaves with sensors that serve as a second oven and may have a vent hood unit, ovens with convection baking, base cabinets with trash pullouts (replacing garbage compactors) and much, much more. Be sure to update or reconfigure the wiring and plumbing in your kitchen to accommodate these new appliances.

3) Non-functional design – Examine how functional the layout and design of your kitchen to make help facilitate your day-to-day activities.  Look at things like cupboard and panty location vs preparing and cooking area.

4) Out of style or damaged finishes – A few things that may be onOttawa Kitchen Renovation your checklist are:

  • a) Replacing your older tile and laminate countertops with darker countertops made of quartz and granite materials are not only easier to maintain but they are more durable.
  • b) Purchase a newer composite sinks because the quartz or granite combination with resin creates a material that is easy to maintain and are often deeper than older sinks.
  • c) Replace older linoleum flooring with wood flooring or stone options.
  • d) Install dual faucets featuring spouts and sprays are commonly found with pivoting goosenecks.
  • e) Upgrade your storage as well to include full-extension drawer glides and pullouts.
  • f) Replace old lighting with LED and halogen bulbs that are distributed throughout the kitchen, giving the kitchen a more modern look and warm feeling.


5) Old fashioned cabinets – Replace your dated kitchen cabinets and hardware with newer Ottawa Kitchen Cupboardsmodels.  Add things like built in wine racks or fridges, and mix up the cabinet facing with glass doors and / or open shelving.  Be sure to consult and expert first because they are trained to know everything about the different designs and finishes. A professional designer will be able to ask you important questions that will help ensure the kitchen cabinets you choose are the right ones for your home and lifestyle.




Kitchen Storage Ideas


Does it sometimes it feel like you will never have enough space in your kitchen for all of the storage that you need?  Don’t fret; there are ways to make the most of the space you have and create more kitchen storage.  If you are not ready for a full kitchen remodel, no matter whether you live in a smaller apartment or larger house, below are 10 easy tips to maximize the storage in your kitchen.

1. Store your items vertically by using pegboards or shelving mounted on the wall.  This is a great way to keep your kitchen utensils handy or a fun way to hang those bulky pots and pans while freeing up a cupboard for some other type of kitchen storage.Kitchen pegboard for pots

2. Transform the inside of your cabinet doors into a hanging rack by installing a pegboard or rack to store smaller or sleeker items.

3. Transform the over the sink space, be it a window ledge or shelf, into an extra area to hold towels, sponges and soap so they are reachable while you are doing the dishes.

4. Small tension rods can add cabinetry and shelving to a wall where it may not exist. Arrange these rods horizontally to place items in an organized way and to free up counter space.

5. Install magnets in either a strip or around the kitchen to keep handy lists or pens off the counter and in a place.  This is also a stylish way to display your knives or to take utensils out of the drawer and on display. Magnetic strips in the kitchen

6. Use the space under and in between cabinets for visible storage.  Turn smaller shelves and hooks into a display by arranging them in this area.  This is the perfect spot for a small spice shelf or to keep frequently used kitchen tools.

7. Display your storage around your kitchen in decorations like baskets or jars that are functional but look great as well and can fit your larger items stylishly on the counter.

8. Don’t be afraid to be creative with how you store the items in your kitchen.  From Lazy Susan’s for the clumsy corner cabinet to hanging baskets; invent new areas and ways to keep all the items organized within the space you have.Kitchen storage

9. Think about how you are going to store each item in drawers based on height, dimension and the quantities of items.  Arrange the drawer so that everything is organized, yet visible, to access blows, medium height appliances and pots.

10. Pick up stacking or step shelves to use within a kitchen cabinet to help store items in layers.  These are great to provide easier and more organized access to glassware, spices or even snacks that may not reach the full height of the cupboard.

The designers at MR Kitchens are trained and experienced in the most up to date ways to redesign your space, creating tons of kitchen storage.

Visit any of our showrooms; Vars, Orleans or Ottawa and speak to a designer about your kitchen remodel today.




The Top Kitchen Updates to do Before Selling Your Home


Maybe you are not ready or do not feel the need to completely renovate your kitchen, you just need some kitchen updates.  Whether it is simply to modernize an old look, or prepare your home for sale, there are some important kitchen updates that will make a big difference.  When you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets, or a completely new kitchen remodel, trust the team at MR Kitchens, we will put our skill, experience and training to use for you.

An updated or renovated kitchen is one of the first things that is important to home buyers.  Not only will it increase the value of your home, it is a great way to modernize an older home.  We’ve rounded up our top renovations to help give your kitchen a facelift before you put it on the market.  This guide will help you decide which renovations will yield the best return on your investment.

Kitchen renovationCounters – First of all, assess your countertops to see if they are in good condition. Sometimes all they need is a quick cleaning, sanding or oiling to improve their overall look.  If you do need to replace them, opt for high quality enduring countertops as they are highly rated by home buyers and can help you sell your house sooner.

Floors – The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your house, and because of this the floors are often worn.  Even though upgraded floors do not add too much more value to your home, be sure to swap out that old vinyl flooring with something more modern like tiles or floating wood flooring.

Backsplash – If you are looking for a quick and easy way to improve the look of your kitchen, upgrading the backsplash with large adhesive tiles to liven up your kitchen and bring out the other stone, wood, pressed tin or copper finishes in your kitchen is always a good investment. Stick-on tiles are an inexpensive way to tie the room together and look much more expensive than they are!

Outlets – Update your outlets to include more modern day conveniences like an USB-chargers.  In addition to making sure that all outlets are finished, grounded and up to code; adding state of the art finishes are a great way to catch the eye of potential buyers.

Appliances – Upgrading or replacing your appliances is a guaranteed way to add value to your home.  However, don’t forget to upgrade them all so that they are all of the same quality and finish, even if you are able to find some models on sale.

Cabinets – Cabinets take up a large amount of real estate in your kitchen and can easily sway a potential buyer.  But they can be easy to upgrade with some paint, varnish or by installing new hardware to change the overall feel of your kitchen.

Faucet/Sink – Replace your old faucet to a newer model that does not drip, spray or is crusted with mineral deposits.  A porcelain kitchen sink can often be re-glazed or replaced it with a newer, less expensive version.  But remember to keep the original one for the new owners in case they want it, there are many people who prefer to redo the originals.

Call or drop by one of our fully equipped showrooms.  Talk to a designer, walk through our demo kitchens, explore the various finishings we offer.  Choose and personalize the right look and kitchen layout for you.




How To Choose New Kitchen Cabinets


Take it from the experienced professionals, there are many parts to a good quality and lasting kitchen renovation, but kitchen cabinets are certainly one of the more prominent concerns.

Every once and awhile your kitchen needs a re-fresh or a complete remodel.  Luckily, one of the easiest ways to do so is by updating the kitchen cabinets.  We’ve rounded up a few quick tips to help you with the selection and renovation process.  Since cabinets are often the focal point in your kitchen, it is important to pick ones that are timeless and sturdy enough to last for decades (while staying within your budget).

Type and Style

If you’re working with a tight budget and just want a simple update, stock cabinets are available in a variety of standard sizes, shapes, materials and finishes that you can configure to fit somewhat to fit into your existing kitchen layout.

If you have a larger budget custom cabinets allow you to purchase handcrafted cabinetry created specifically to meet your needs.  All of the options are available in either face-framed (have frames that hide the cabinet box’s joinery) or the less expensive and more streamlined frameless styles (made with a slab or flat door attached directly to cabinet box).

New kitchen cabinets

Materials and Finishes

Picking the material and finishes of your cabinets will be largely influenced by your budget.  Before making the decision, visit kitchen design showrooms to scope out the different options available (ex. wood, metal, composite, laminate, and thermofoil) to decide while materials you prefer and the colour scheme of your kitchen.

Kitchen design
Semi-custom or custom cabinetry can then be finished in a number of ways (ex: painted, stained, antiqued, glazed or distressed) where as stock cabinets are usually sold unfinished, stained or simply with a white thermofoil finish which allows you to select the look that you prefer.

Quality Considerations

You kitchen cabinetry should be timeless and durable enough to last for decades.  Try and choose cabinets with solid-wood face frames, doors and drawer fronts that are sturdy and build to last.  Mix and match your cabinets with specialty storage solutions to maximize corner cabinet and fit your kitchen’s organizational needs with racks, adjustable shelves and shelving of various heights.  It is also important to find self-closing drawer glides and mortise and tenon or glued dowel joints that can support the loads in your kitchen.

If you are planning your kitchen renovation and have questions, visit our FAQ, call or  come visit us.  An on-site designer will be happy to work with you and answer any questions you might have.





How Important is a Kitchen Designer?


kitchen designerThe kitchen is the center of your home.  As one of the most visited spots in your home, and a popular gathering place for your friends, family and guests; it is important to put in time into creating the ideal kitchen for your needs.  A professional kitchen designer is an integral part of your renovation process to help you create a functional, yet beautiful, space for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.  At the end of the day, remodeling your kitchen is not only about updating the look to be more modern, but to consider the design and layout of the space in a personalized way that works for your entertaining as well as daily use.

Before remodeling your kitchen, think about which areas in particular need improvement. Make a list of what areas and features you love, and the ones you would like to see changed.  Consult friends and family members who use the kitchen regularly to receive their input and perspective to help improve the overall appearance and design of your kitchen.  Once you have made a list of these ideas, you are now ready to consult with a professional that specialized in kitchen design to get the expert opinion that you need.

A kitchen designer can help you to create the perfect kitchen by analyzing the shape, functionality and design of your space to meet your requirements.  They offer a wealth of knowledge in sourcing materials and appliance to help you stay on budget and are skilled in designing a layout that also takes electrical, plumbing and storage features into consideration.  The kitchen designer is also a master in helping you to create a contemporary looking kitchen with some of the latest cabinetry, lightening and countertop options.  After all, the kitchen is often the most used space in your house, so it is well worth the time and money to transform the space into exactly what you are looking for.

Our trained professional kitchen designers can help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality, but don’t take just our word for it, check out what our customers have to say!




Is Your Kitchen Adding Value to Your Home?


New Kitchen Value

A new or updated kitchen can be very attractive to homebuyers. One of the first questions a buyer will ask is “What condition is the kitchen?” and then they ask about bathrooms, master bedroom suite and the back yard. Improving a kitchen will help to increase the value of your house and increase chances of selling before other properties; especially those houses without updates.

On average, a kitchen renovation can cost 10-25% of your home’s value but can have a return on investment of 75-100%. Not only will your home look marvelous, you will notice the many benefits instantly!

When looking for a kitchen, the majority of people prefer to see modern conveniences and styles because this not only improves the overall look of the house but makes the rooms more function as well. Especially in older homes, kitchen improvements tend to add value because it shows that while the home may have a vintage appeal and antique charm, it is not old fashioned. You will be surprised to notice how many times updated or renovated features are mentioned in real estate advertisements and listings. This is a great way to inform potential buyers that your house has a state of the art kitchen that will require little to no alteration.

Remodeling gives you the chance to reconfigure the space and storage to figure out a layout that meets your needs. Take the opportunity to switch up the shelving in your cabinets or install an island to give you more storage and countertop space to use. Figure out ways to accommodate your needs by installing a variety of shelving and storage systems to help keep your new kitchen organized.

This is also a great opportunity to upgrade cabinetry, lighting, faucets, appliances, etc. to increase not only the value of your house but overall safety as outdated appliances are more likely to malfunction.

Send a note to the MR Kitchens staff, call to make an appointment, or drop by one of the showrooms, our designers will be happy to go over what your kitchen needs, whether it is simply new cabinets or an entire remodel.




Is Granite the Only Countertop Option?


Countertop 2Whether you are buying a new home and need to design a new kitchen, or are looking to renovate your current kitchen, picking the right countertop can help improve the overall look of the room. When picking out the perfect countertop, the most common material used is either granite or quartz. However, with the wide range of products on the market, it is sometimes difficult to decide on which to choose for your kitchen. While some products may be considered the best value for money, there are many benefits to others that should factor into making your decision. Ultimately, picking between the right countertop is a decision made for what material matches your design, lifestyle and budget. Here is a look at some of the most popular materials for your countertop to choose from.

Countertop 1While quartz is a fairly new material on the market, it is durable and often does not have some of the problems, both aesthetically and in fitting that natural stone does. Quartz is an engineered stone that is available in a wider range of colours than natural stone. It is resistant to stains because it is a non-porous material but one of the biggest concerns consumers have is the cost.

Concrete countertops have been increasing in popularity because of new colour and staining techniques that allow a high level of customization and their durability. However concrete countertops are often costly and need to be resealed ever 1-3 years.

Alternatively, slate countertops are a good choice as well because they are low maintenance, have a non-porous surface, are durable and are aesthetically beautiful. They offer a more uniform appearance than granite, marble or concrete and are a more adorable alternative. However slate countertops can be brittle and sharp if the corners are not rounded off properly.

crushed glass countertopFor a more contemporary look, crushed glass countertops are an ecofriendly option as they are often referred to as recycled glass countertops. They are either embedded in concrete or encased in a durable acrylic material and are quite eye catching. They are durable, non-porous and often admired for their mosaic look. They are, unfortunately, quite expensive and have a limit to the amount of weight they can hold.

A more traditional option is soapstone renowned for its natural appearance and offers a great degree of versatility in design. It is also quite durable, very non-porous and is easy to clean. In addition, it only requires periodic oiling for aesthetic reasons. However, because of its soft texture it can scratch or chip.

Granite countertops are made from giant chunks of natural stone that are quarried and then cut and polished into the desired countertop shape. Granite countertops are excavated directly from the earth allowing them to keep their natural colour intact and have naturally occurring variances in the stone and are extremely durable. However they need to be sealed annually to remain stain resistance, have visible seams and lack colour consistency because they are a natural material.

Check out these before and after kitchen photos of some of our kitchen renovation projects. Drop by a MR Kitchens showroom today to speak to a designer about your dream kitchen!




Replace or Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets?


When you are planning out your kitchen remodel, one of the biggest decisions that you may have to make is whether to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets.


If there are any signs of damage to your existing cabinetry, choosing to replace your cabinets is a more cost-efficient decision than to simply reface a problem that you will need to repair eventually.

Re-facing your kitchen cabinetry is often a good choice for those with newer kitchen cabinetry who are only looking for a cosmetic change in the exposed cabinet doors and drawer fronts to give your kitchen a different look.  The new doors and drawers are fitted and installed onto your existing cabinet system to help improve the overall façade of your kitchen.  The laminate can also be replaced to change the finish of your cabinetry by adding wood, plastic and rigid thermo foils onto the doors.

Remember that refacing cannot improve the quality of the existing cabinetry, only cover it up with a new look.

Choosing to re-face your kitchen cabinet might not always be the best decision when it comes to your kitchen renovation.  Although it is often seen as the more cost-efficient option, it does not always solve the problems in your existing kitchen layout and storage system.  Improving the functionality of your kitchen can be one of the most beneficial aspects of your renovation.  In addition, re-facing kitchen cabinetry is not a good choice if your cabinets are in need of repair or if you are looking to improve the quality of the cabinets in your home.

Take advantage of your decision to replace your cabinetry by improving the design, layout and aesthetic of your kitchen to one that is more functional, spatially efficient and modern looking.  Install open shelving or glass doors to give your kitchen a more contemporary look.  Or, adjust cabinet and shelve heights to accommodate your kitchen storage needs. Use this as a chance to help improve the durability of the cabinets in your kitchen while creating a layout that is practical to your needs.

Replacing your kitchen cabinet can be seen as a better long-term investment to improve not only the durability of the cabinetry but the overall value of your home as well.  Our team at MR Kitchens has years of experience in kitchen cabinetry and design, just ask our past kitchen renovation clients!




Kitchen Cabinet Solutions


One of the easiest ways to renovate or refresh the look of your kitchen is to change or update your cabinetry. When it comes to choosing the cabinetry in your kitchen, plan the layout to make the most efficient use of the space by creating a storage system that works for your needs.

Gone are the days of just plain cabinetry, today people want to incorporate everything from built in wine racks to hidden smart device charging corners into their kitchen cabinetry layouts. Most modern kitchens also mix plain doors with open shelving and glass doors for a more decorative look.



As you consider what you will be keeping in your cabinet, pick the right shelving system will support the weight and accommodate the size of the items that you will be storing. Here are a few easy solutions to make the most of the cabinets in your kitchen.

Lazy susans, pull out shelves and racks are popular, especially in hard to reach spots like the corners. There are many different ideas and styles available for every shape and size of cabinet. Drawers are also available with many built ins today, getting rid of the clumsy baskets and mixed up piles of miscellaneous kitchen tools.


2 layered cutlery drawer          Swivelling kitchen cabinet built ins

Just some great options are sets of swivelling trays, a shelving option that rotates in a circle to give you full access to the cabinet. These swivelling shelves are a perfect storage solution for plates and other glassware items.


hinged door kitchen cabinet shelving          hinged door kitchen cabinet wire shelving

Shelving units are also available with hinged door applications, sliding basket systems and other sliding mechanism that allow you to make full use of the space. Shelving systems such as these are a good way to organize pots and pans as well as a functional way to covert the shelves into a pantry for cans and other dry goods.

The corner unit is an ideal location to install recycling and garbage storage areas. These corner store bins are best for a higher cabinet area that fits your recycling system.


Corner kitchen Cabinet recycling containers          Corner cabinet recycling

The MR Kitchens team is trained and experienced at helping you pick the best cabinetry and built ins that meet your home’s needs, call or come see us today!





What To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen


If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling, below are a few key aspects to keep in mind as you design your dream kitchen.  Our staff has plenty of kitchen cabinet ideas to meet every different kitchen size and shape.


1. Functionality

As soon as you begin to imagine how you’d like your new kitchen to look, be sure to keep in mind how functional the new layout will be. Think about how you can rearrange and redesign the current space in a way that still works with your daily needs. The distance in between fixtures and cabinetry can help facilitate a flow between the areas you visit most often. If you can, try and arrange the fridge, sink and main table or dining table with an equal distance in between to reduce the amount of unused area in a functional triangle shape.


White kitchen cabinets

2. Lighting


Customize the lighting in your kitchen to fit all of your needs. It is important to have a variety of overhead and direct lighting options to help illuminate the room and provide a spotlight on cooking areas. If you are looking for new areas for light, consider installing lighting fixtures underneath your cabinets to help ensure your countertops are well lit. Having separate switches can also be useful to allow you to control the ambiance of light in your kitchen and conserve energy.


New Kitchen

3. Countertops and Cabinets


When you are redesigning your kitchen, take the opportunity to pick out kitchen countertops and cabinets that are not only functional, but reflect your personal style as well. Pick a durable countertop that is at least 24 to 25 inches deep with a small overhang and wood or wood veneer cabinetry that will last. Customize your cabinets to fit all of your storage needs with a mixture of drawers and shelving fixtures. Try and conceptualize what you have in your kitchen, and configure the layout to accommodate your appliances, tableware and required food storage areas.


Kitchen Renovation

MR Kitchens has been serving the Ottawa area for over 25 years, let our team guide you through the kitchen design and renovation process. Call, email or drop by one of our conveniently located showrooms to chat with a kitchen designer.







Contrary to what many may think, it is possible to renovate your kitchen the way you want while on a budget. A budget does not necessarily mean that you need to cut corners or choose only the lowest cost fixtures, but it is a way for you to forecast and plan how much you are willing to spend on your kitchen renovation. When you are setting your budget, in order to decide how much the renovation will cost, you should consider how much you can afford to spend on the renovation, how long you plan on living in the home and how this renovation will improve the resale value of your house.

Now that you know how much you are willing to spend overall on this renovation, you are now ready to breakdown your budget based on the following main items and to determine how much you should allocate to each aspect of your renovation. Take the time to shop around to find the best quality materials at a competitive price and don’t be afraid of asking for estimates before deciding on a company or contractor. It is also important to keep track of your spending during the renovation to ensure that you are staying on budget. Try and avoid extra costs that were not initially included in your list of renovation priorities (ex: décor items or fixture upgrades) but be sure to set a bit of money aside for incidentals to help account for those unforeseen costs and any issues that may occur during the renovation.


35% Cabinets
20% Labour
20% Appliances
10% Windows
5% Fixtures
3% Fittings
7% Incidentals/Others


*Note: Your budget breakdown may differ depending on the scale of your renovation but always remember to allocate at least 20-35% of your budget on labour.


Our team has done 1000’s of kitchen remodels in Ottawa and we would be happy to walk you through building a budget and designing your dream kitchen. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a discussion with one of our design consultants.


Before Pictures

Kitchen Transformation Ottawa Kitchen Makeover Ottawa


After Pictures

Kitchen Remodel Budget Kitchen Renovation Budget Ottawa




Why Go To A Home Renovation Show?


Home Renovation ShowThis year The Home Renovations Show in Ottawa is January 23 – 25th at the EY Centre.  With over 100 exhibitors there is sure to be plenty of interesting things to see, and new ideas to explore.

This year our very own Guy Bianchi, the owner of MR Kitchens, is honored to be speaking about which kitchen renovations you can do yourself, and which are best left to the professionals, be sure not to miss him!

Even if you do not have a renovation project in the very near future there are other good reasons to visit a home renovation show.

If you have a general idea for a future renovation project attending a home renovation show gives you the opportunity to see what’s new on the market, what new design ideas are out there and the great uses of space that people come up with.

At a home renovation show you get to see the latest colors and options, you get to touch the new materials and get the information you need to help you decide what’s right for you.

Exhibitors that participate in home renovation shows are there for the potential customers so there are plenty of top renovation professionals on hand to meet and speak to.  Don’t be shy to ask questions, they are always happy to share their knowledge.

Obviously the exhibitors are hoping to make sales, so don’t hesitate to ask about special discounts or incentives they may offer.

Ultimately, attending a home renovation show is a great learning and information gathering opportunity.  We’ll see you there!







Granite countertops have been all the rage in the last few years but a new option is becoming more and more popular. Right off the bat I will warn you, it is more expensive than granite but the upside of the durability more than makes up for the cost.  Quartz countertops are becoming the new “go to” countertop.

If you are renovating your kitchen in your home to prepare for selling it, or if you only plan to stay in your home for another few years, then a Quartz countertop might not be for you. We go through many steps in our lives, our families grow, and our families shrink, but either way the place we now call home might not be right in a few short years.

There are many great points for both granite and quartz, but just a few things to note is that quartz is made from a very hard mineral, making it extremely durable. Quartz is also manufactured so the color options are endless! It used to be that quartz was only available in a polished finish, and the countertops did not have the personality of the granite, but that has changed. A quartz countertop can even look exactly like granite, if that is what you want!

As with most countertops, working with a professional installer is the best way to go. While it is satisfying to do projects on our own, the sheer weight makes the countertops difficult to handle, and any special cuts will be taken care of by the professional. If you measure wrong, you are stuck with it, but if the installer is wrong, it’s all on them!

Either granite or quartz will finish your new kitchen off beautifully, but for more durability and colour customization, take a good look at quartz.

For more detailed information about quartz countertops, check out this article on the This Old House site, all the details you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!




The Heart Of The Home, Your Kitchen



Mike Holmes, the host of HGTV’s Holmes on Homes, hits the nail on the head in his article about Reviving your kitchen.

Mike talks about the 5 most important upgrades in a kitchen renovation project, and the choices a homeowner should consider for these 5 upgrades to.

He discusses the options for the countertops, the floors and most importantly for the cabinets.  While “off the shelf” cabinets may seem like the most cost efficient way to go they do not take into account every nook, and many custom features that can make your life so much more convenient are not considered.

Check out the full article;  Mike Holmes: Reviving your kitchen




Establishing A Kitchen Renovation Budget



You’ve decided a kitchen renovation is needed, but are not quite sure what is a realistic kitchen renovation budget.  You have been checking out renovation websites, remodeling magazines and know exactly what look you want.  Now it’s time to crunch the number.  What is most important in your new kitchen?

Improvement on investment vs. Comfort

Are you considering a kitchen remodel to better suit your needs and to update your kitchen?  Or are you looking at a future sale and realize that an updated kitchen goes a long way to getting top price for your home?  If the return on investment is your primary concern, your budget should lean more to quality and durability, and less to “extras” such as super fancy taps.  If you have simply outgrown your current kitchen, take all future family plans into consideration.  Planning on having children or are your young children growing?  Computer nooks, desk style work space is something to consider, helps keep a family together and still get plenty accomplished.  Is entertaining something you enjoy?  Keep that in mind when planning your kitchen layout.

Priority vs. Luxury

Once you have a budget, divide what you want in your kitchen into lists.  Have a must, a should and a hope for list.  Then visit an Ottawa kitchen contractor and sit down with a designer.  A designer can quickly go over your list and give you up to date numbers.  This will begin to clarify your new kitchen.

Keeping track of your spending

Once you begin the renovation process, keep track of all the spending and expenses.  There will always be unexpected expenses, so keeping track of everything will help you maintain control of the bottom line.

Avoiding the extras

As you start to put the finishing touches on your kitchen renovation, don’t be swayed by the latest pretty bauble.  You have put time, money and energy into your new kitchen, you have a vision in your mind.  Going off that vision will not only cost you extra money, it may cause extra problems and end up with a disappointing looking final result.

For more tips and ideas before you renovate your kitchen, download our free eBook!  Come by one of our 3 Ottawa area kitchen renovation showrooms for ideas, design help and more.  We will help bring your perfect kitchen to life

Shannon After (14)




From Simple To Sleek, A Renovation Before And After


Often there is nothing really wrong with our kitchen, it’s just that we need a change or want an updated look. Take the pictures below for example, the old kitchen was not falling apart, it was merely outdated.

Before After 1

Look at how a functional but boring wall of cupboards can be turned into so much more!

Dore Before 2     Dore (8)

What a difference the dark wood, glass doors and granite sideboard area makes, completely livens up the seemingly lost wall!

Dore Before 1

Despite having a well placed window, it did little to light up this kitchen, the cupboards seemed to block the incoming light.

Removing the window topper, adding some well placed recessed lighting and a bright reflective finish to the cupboards help maximize every bit of light that comes through the window.

Dore (2)




What Can Your Before And After Look Like?


Do you have trouble picturing how your kitchen might look after a full renovation?Take a look at the pictures of one of our most recent complete kitchen renovations.  Looking at the pictures you can hardly believe it is the same kitchen, do these pictures give you ideas you had not considered?
Notice how the white cabinetry maximizes the light coming in from the window, making the small window seem larger and the kitchen much brighter.
Removing the outside counter and building an island opened the whole kitchen up, maximizing both work and socializing space, even allowing for space for comfortable counter seating!
Moving the fridge to another wall allowed for a larger fridge as well as plenty of room to get into it, no more worries about the door being restricted by the wall.
On top of all the wonderful functional changes, notice the personal touches such as the wine fridge built into the island, and the glass cupboard doors, adding personality to an already beautiful kitchen.




What is the return on investment on a kitchen renovation?



As a professional in the kitchen cabinet industry with over 25 years experience, I was surprised to see the answers I found on the internet to this question.

Even if kitchen renovations was at the top of the list after paint renovations, most web sites say that return on investment on kitchen renovations is between 70% and 80%.

In my experience this would be the worst case scenario, I believe the answer to this question is more complicated than that, we need to answer more questions before giving an expert opinion.

  • What is the ratio of the cost of the renovation over the value of the house?  Having a $75 000 kitchen renovation on a house with a value of $250 000 will not have a good return on investment, nor having a $5 000 kitchen renovation on a house value of $1 000 000.  It is very important that you respect the proper ratio of kitchen value over house value, this ratio is typically around 7% but once again this is not a fixed number.  What you need to do is hire the right people that will help you answer these questions.  Who can help you with this?  Your local realtor, an expert on house values in your neighborhood can tell you what the value of your house is today and what it will be after the renovation.  An experienced kitchen designer can also help you determine the proper ratios.  Most kitchen designers work on commission and want to make you happy, it is in their own interest to make sure that your investment pays off if you decide to sell your house, since it will mean recurring business for them.
  • What is the value of the existing kitchen?  You would never think that the value of the old kitchen is important in the renovation process!!!  Let me explain myself, some kitchens can have a negative value on the value of the house (very outdated, broken parts, design issues, shows signs of wear and tear), some kitchens have a zero value on the value of the house (it’s an ok kitchen, nothing special), some kitchens can have a plus value to the house (custom design, solid surface counter tops, appealing accessories).Example 1: 10 year old house, builder grade, $350 000 value, zero added value on kitchen, $25 000 kitchen renovation = increased value $370 000, return in investment 80%.Example 2: 40 year old house, custom build, $500 000 value, negative value of kitchen -$50 000, $35 000 kitchen renovation = increased value $570 000, return on investment 200%.
  • Why are you doing a renovation? Is it that your kitchen looks old, outdated, not functional = higher return on investment.  Is it that you hate the color and style of the existing kitchen = lower return on investment.
  • When are you planning to sell the house?  Is this a flip?  If so you will have to be more careful on your choices.  Is it for your own benefit, you will live, cook and appreciate your newly design kitchen for the next 15 years, if so, you will have to take in to account the benefits this transformation will have on your life, it’s not always about money.
The good news is that a kitchen renovation is one of the best investments you can do in a house, it is also one of the most expensive renovations in a house.  For that reason,  it is very important that you surround yourself with experienced professionals, realtors, kitchen designers, architects, contractors.  These professionals will help you make the right decisions and will ease the pain and stress of a kitchen renovation, so at the end of the day you are happy with the results.




Surviving Renovating Your Custom Kitchen


Ottawa Kitchen Contractors And Designers Can Help!

Custom Kitchen Ottawa Designers

Changes are stressful, there is no doubt about it, and a renovation is one of the most stressful things you can do because it takes your home and turns it upside down.  While you wait for your custom kitchen to be built there are things you can do to ease the renovation pain.

Renovations can quickly turn into stressful situations, your household routines are tossed around by frequent disruptions.  This is especially true  if you like to be organized and stable – two things that do not come with a renovation, no matter how well planned and managed.  In any custom kitchen renovation, there will be surprises!  So when routines are changed it’s normal to get stressed.  You may even notice that you start to;

  1. Trying to supervise the renovation and all the details – this is your way of trying to be.
  2. Expressing frustration to whoever will listen about the loss of the normal use of your home – we all need to find empathy.
  3. Exhausted or sad over the loss of what was familiar even though you are excited about the new changes that are coming with the renovation.
  4. More easily agitated over any other changes in your life.

All these emotions are normal, as change often brings a sense of discomfort and elevated emotions.

Some Renovation Survival Tips

So here are a few simple tips to help you through these times of discomfort and stress that comes with a renovation:

  1. Communicate – Ask your project manager questions during the renovation.  There should be nothing going on that you don’t understand.
  2. Adjust – Spend time before the renovation building new routines.  Practice them so you are ready for the change that will come.  Setting up a spot in the house away from the chaotic renovations to be your new temporary hub is often helpful.  Loss of routine is much easier to handle if you have a workable replacement.
  3. Visualize! – Don’t forget why you are renovating you home.  Keep the outcome in mind. Visualize the final product whenever the dust, the trades, or the changes become stressful.
  4. Stick to routines – Minimize change and maintain stability in other parts of your life whether it is your job, work-out routines or out of the house family time. Renovations are right up there with moving, so try keep the rest of your life as stable as possible.
  5. Vacate – Take a break from the renovations.  Take a vacation during the worst part of the kitchen or bathroom renovation, relax with friends, go out and exercise.  Try to spend as little time at home as possible.  Focus on yourself and your family, let your project manager focus on making your renovation run as it should.

Lastly, trust in your decision to renovate, it’s time for an exciting new change!  It made sense then and it makes sense now.  When you are ready to pick a designer, visit MR Kitchens, an experienced custom kitchen designer and contractor.

custom kitchen ottawa




Let’s compare apples with oranges!



I don’t know how many times, I read articles about home owners going over their renovations and saying how much money they saved by buying their kitchen cabinets from a big box store versus a custom manufacturer. We always hear that side of the story without hearing the other side, obviously I represent the other side and let’s say for sake of this experiment that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

  • The design, layout, color and style selection. In my experience homeowners are willing to spend $30 000, $50 000 or more in a renovation but won’t $2000 for a designer. I believe that the design is the most important part of the renovation and still some home owners will give that task to a college student doing a major in Philosophy and working part time in a big box store for minimum wage. Even Design firms will give the job of designing a kitchen to the kitchen designers who do that every day, they are trained professionals at designing kitchens.
  • Custom cabinets are expensive! Today in 2012 most of the reputable Kitchen cabinets Manufacturers use CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machinery, this takes the extra cost out of custom, it is not more expensive to manufacture a custom cabinet then a standard cabinet. The big box stores overhead is crazy expensive, building those 100 000 sq ft showrooms is not cheap! And you are paying for that! Profit margins of the big box stores are over the top, most of these companies are public and need to show the big profit margins. At the end, the big box store is not the manufacturer and will buy their cabinets from a kitchen cabinet manufacturer who will make another profit margin, so why is it that home owners think they are paying less from the big boxes? Because big box stores are selling home owners ¼ of the product. A box, leaving out the design, the assembly, the hardware, the counter tops, the installation and the service. They also cut down on the quality of the materials and workmanship, at the end of the day they have to save somewhere.
  • RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets work great. Home owners believe that they can do a great job at assembling their own cabinets, Allen keys, plastic dowels, NO glue and no tools or skills and it will look fine. Why is it that no manufacturer uses this method of manufacturing for their own clientele ? Why is it that manufacturers spend millions of dollars in state of the art technology to do the job a home owner can do for free?  It is funny to see that when home owners compare, their time is always free, on the other hand some of us believe that time is the most valuable thing we have.
  • Installation is easy! Yes it is true, it looks easy for the experience kitchen cabinet installer who is been doing it for the past 20 years. There is a saying in the kitchen cabinet industry that says “ A low end quality kitchen well installed will look better then a high end kitchen poorly installed”. This saying is 100% true! Good experienced installers work for good experienced kitchen manufacturers not for big box stores, that is just a fact.

My recommendation is, hire a good kitchen designer, the best one you can find, at the end of the day it will save you money and don’t be afraid to give them your budget. Kitchen cabinets manufacturers don’t only make $40 0000 kitchens, they also do $5 000 kitchens, without your direction they can misinterpret your budget. The designer has your best interest at stake; your recommendation is his most valuable asset.




Pot and Pan Drawer Organizers



Now that we have evolved from storing pots and pans in a base corner cabinet with lids disappearing into that Bermuda triangle corner beyond our reach, digging, jostling and clanging around to pull out what we need, to the more humanly accessible pot and pan drawer storage. A drawer organizer system has come on the market which eliminates having to root through stacked pots and pans and conveniently separates and organizes pots and lids. It is also adjustable and has a sound dampening surface. Do away with stacking and clanging. (Why is it always in the middle or on the bottom of the pile?) Finally we can have neat, orderly, easy, and quiet access to our pots and pans.

Rev-a-Shelf Drawer Peg Board and Accessories




Ottawa Kitchen Contractor Tips


Below are some tips for when you are ready to design your new kitchen, from an experienced Ottawa Kitchen Contractor

Ottawa Kitchen ContractorSince we spend so much time in our kitchen it’s important we enjoy the space.  If you are ready for a new kitchen, MR Kitchens would be proud to be your Ottawa kitchen contractor.

There are many things to think about when designing your new kitchen, but it all starts with how do you use your kitchen now, and how do you want to use it in the future?

Do you prepare a lot of your own meals?  While we all know a home cooked meal is not only delicious but usually healthier than restaurant food, but not everyone has time, or the desire to cook.

Do you entertain a lot?  Even casual entertaining usually ends up with groups of people gathered around the kitchen.  Is your kitchen spacious?  Easy to move around in?  Or are you constantly dodging people or things like the garbage cans to get things done in the kitchen?

Planning your new kitchen design.

  1. Counter Space

    Cluttered counters are messy and usually annoying as you spend more time moving things out of the way than actually using the counter space.  Does your counter space need to be increased in your new kitchen remodel or do you simply need to find a better space for some of the items that are crowding it?

  2. Kitchen Island

    Do you have a kitchen island in your current kitchen?  Do you like it or does it just break up your flow?  When the kitchen island trend started it seemed like everyone wanted one.  But not all kitchens need or suit one.  A kitchen island can be very handy for the extra counter space, and also for less used conveniences like a wine fridge or those rarely used utensils.  But if you don’t need the extra space, why clutter your kitchen with it?

  3. Proper Kitchen Ventilation

    Ventilation is important in a kitchen.  Between cooking odors and being so often filled with people, air flow makes a big difference in the atmosphere and temperature.  If you never seem to be able to get rid of that frying onion smell maybe you need to incorporate a new range hood in your new Ottawa kitchen design.

  4. Better Kitchen Lighting

    Kitchen lighting is key to how much you enjoy your time in the kitchen.  It’s important that you can see well when you are cooking, but you also don’t want exhausting glaring lights.  Whether you are preparing a meal, or enjoying cocktails with friends, having different levels of lighting is key.  Don’t forget to evaluate your kitchen lighting when you are planning out your new kitchen.

A kitchen that’s more spacious, uncluttered and well lit will invite people into it.  Whether you’re making cookies with the family or chatting over a cup of coffee, your kitchen will be a place for people to connect.

Once you’ve decided a kitchen renovation is in your near future, please contact or visit one of the MR Kitchens showrooms.  We will be happy to go over what you are looking for, your budget, and your current space.  Together we will come up with a new kitchen you will LOVE, it’s the MR Kitchens kitchen renovation goal!


Click below to call us now;

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Make waste organized in your kitchen!



Are you tired of running between your kitchen and garage to dump waste? The majority of households have their recycle bin sitting in the garage due to smelly bean cans and empty cartons of milk.


Here’s the solution: Recycle center installed in base cabinet in your kitchen at a moderate cost for an amazing, effective, multi functional way to improve waste separation.  Recycling is becoming a virtue to earth life. This system can be added in your corners cabinets functioning as a merry-go-round OR in a regular base cabinet as a pull out. You can always add a top or bottom drawer to that cabinet in purpose of a waste bag and accessory storage. The width of the cabinet is usually adjustable to the size and number of bins you desire depending on the working space.


Done with stinky garbage under the sink and hello to organized easy garbage day!  Goodbye to cans lying around the sink to fast drop into the bag that will save the earth.  Be organized, quick, easy and green.






Trusted Kitchen Contractor Ottawa Area


Kitchen contractor

Home Renovation

Considering a home renovation project?  With the start of spring in Ottawa, many people start to think about home improvements.  How big of a project is on your wish list?  Do you have things that need to be repaired, remodeled, renovated, torn down, or added to your home.  MR Kitchens is an experienced kitchen contractor Ottawa residents have trusted for over 25 years.

Are you thinking about selling?  Downsizing?  Maybe applying some of the leftover cash to renovating a smaller home better suited for your lifestyle?  Is your family growing?  Do you need to move to a bigger home?  Or is it better to stay put, and renovate the family home to better fit your needs, while remaining in the neighbourhood?  Most of these scenarios mean you will be looking for a kitchen contractor Ottawa area.

If you are considering buying brand new, it is important to understand that brand new condo developments or townhouses also come with unknown costs.  How well were they built?  Will condo or community living be for you?

If you’ve decided to stay put and do a home renovation, or buy an older place and fix it up, here are a couple of things to think about.  When undertaking any home renovation, always get an estimate from two or three contractors so you have a sense of costs and trades involved.  Find an experienced contractor who is specialized to the type of project you are undertaking.  This means that in the case of a kitchen cabinet renovation, you would be best served to hire a kitchen cabinet contractor and not a handyman or contractor who is specialized in other types of work.  Make sure you ask for references, photos, and if possible, ask to chat to people who have had work done by this contractor. Lastly, always be prepared to budget more than you think it will cost, because often snags will come up, or you will decide on a small change or addition to the project.

Hopefully this post has helped answer some your renovation questions, at least enough to help get you started.   If you are ready to renovate, or just starting to think about a kitchen or bathroom renovation, design team is available to discuss your project.  Call us 613.225.5555 to book an appointment for a personalized consultation.

kitchen contractor ottawaAt MR Kitchens we design custom kitchens from start to finish, to create the perfect space you are looking for.




2012 Kitchen trend


Now that spring is here and summer is around the corner, a fresh new look is much desired. 2012 brings forward old ideas remodeled according to different eras, light to medium with regard to finishes and veneers and also a mixing of natural wood, effortless elegance, vivid wall colors, striking and out of the ordinary combinations and contrasts. This year, we should all embrace colors that we wouldn’t normally associate, combine intense shades with balancing tones and think out of the box, giving our home a brand new personality.